The optic sights have been proven to be the fastest type of target engagement. It provides the greatest hit probability on targets by allowing shooters to stay focused on the target. Shooting with both eyes open also means that the shooter can situationally and environmentally remain aware of what is going on around them at all times. 

MECANIK red dot sights increase shooters’ confidence with their proven accuracy and performance at optimal levels. We designed our sights according to the inputs given by special forces operators and incorporating state-of-the-art technology. The unique design of our red dot optic’s outer frame provides ease of racking the pistol with a single hand if needed. This sight is made to endure and work flawlessly in the most demanding operational and environmental conditions. This is why our optics are found in the arsenals of the world's greatest shooters. 

MECANIK red dot sights continue to be a game-changer in tactical applications, as well as sportive shooting, home/self defense, and competition categories. 

We are proud to give you the most efficient, reliable, and rugged electronic sighting system in the world. 

Welcome to the superior way of doing things with MECANIK

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