Over the years tactical clothing has evolved and improved with the advancements in fabric design and materials. Tactical apparel is designed for law enforcement members, public safety professionals, security contractors, recreational users like hunting, and other outdoor adventures to meet the high standards of performance and professionalism these demanding fields require. Often made with ripstop materials to ensure durability, tactical apparel also features thigh-level pockets that allow access to essential tactical gear items.

Unique products equipped with superior technologies are developed by MECANİK R&D. We as Mecanik, work side-by-side with professionals to design, develop and offer the best and most innovative products possible. Mecanik apparel is made with an uncompromising manufacturing process that ensures excellence in every stitch. Mecanik Advanced Apparel makes sure you are going to stay at the top of your game in any terrain and any weather conditions.

We strive each and every day to ensure you accomplish any mission under the harshest physical and environmental conditions. Rugged, comfortable, practical and durable, you will be wearing these pieces on and off the job.

We take our obligation to our environment and the global community seriously. Our raw materials and processes are constantly monitored and optimized to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.

As a company that caters to professional customers, nothing is more important to us than quality. We guarantee that all of our products are fit for purpose.
•    To build high-quality apparel
•    To provide customers with world-class service 
•    To be an ethically and socially responsible 

This is the Mecanik Advanced Apparel Mindset.


Mecstop : Ripstop fabric 

MecstopFlex : Flexible ripstop fabric

Metex :  Extra durable spandex fabric

MeCatex : Waterproof/breathable fabric that resists liquidswhile allowing water vapour to pass through. 

MeColour : High quality fabric dye

MeCaProof : Water-repellent and breathable fabric

SunMeproof :Sun/UV Fade resistant

MeWarm : Body heat retaining fabric

AntiBacme: Anti-bacterial fabric


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